Since its launch as Japan’s first dedicated music channel in December 1989, Space Shower TV has been a leader of the Japanese music scene through the discovery and presentation of countless artists.

Space Shower TV also has strong ties to the filmmakers and videographers who make the music videos and other content essential to a music-oriented channel, and together with them, Space Shower TV has created numerous STATION ID inter-program segments which announce the channel’s identity loud and clear.

STATION IDs are short videos which visually convey the channel’s ideology and occasional messages – in other words, they are icons which embody the now of Space Shower TV. As a channel which transmits excellent music via video (through the two signals of audio and visual), Space Shower TV aims to drive home messages not by explaining them with words but rather through total audio-visual expression.

The content of STATION IDs is wide-ranging, from collaborations with musicians to pieces strongly colored with societal messages, with an equal diversity of production methods, including live action, animation, stop motion, CGI, and purposefully simple shots of musical performances.

Through the creative and experimental ideas of highly individual filmmakers and videographers, STATION IDs cut like a blade through the atmosphere of the times, and countless numbers have been produced up to the present. Now Space Shower TV looks to broadcast STATION IDs not only on television but also on the web and mobile phones.

For Space Shower TV, STATION IDs are both a record of the path the channel has taken and at the same time proof of the station’s intention to continue declaring its unshakeable identity. With unsparing respect for the musicians, filmmakers, and videographers involved, Space Shower TV launches this archive site of STATION IDs to share their fantastic imagery and the messages of their times.

Text : Nagako Hayashi